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Archive for September, 2011

Kickball fundraiser for Planned Parenthood

Humboldt H

If you didn’t get (or give) enough at Bat N’ Rouge, here’s another way to support important work and take in a ball game.

Various teams have assembled to play a kickball tournament to raise funds for Six Rivers Planned Parenthood.  Local surfer/blogger/do-gooder Jen Savage put out the call for cash so her team (The Plan Bees) can raise more than North Coast Journalist Ryan Burns’ team (The Superfantasticos).  ‘Cause that’s how you do it.  A competition within a competition for good fun and a good cause.

Here’s the full list of teams.  They include the Astro Gliders, the Snip Its, and the Ovary Actions.

The tournament is Sept. 18th from 12-6pm at the Arcata Community Center.

Kick down so they can kick it.

news headlines from Northern California

9/11’s call to arms

9/11’s call to arms [Daily Triplicate]
For many Del Norters, effect of attack lingers

Ten years ago our nation was attacked by an enemy without a country. Many people were quick to describe the event as this generation’s Pearl Harbor.

The war with Japan, however, lasted less than four years. We have been at war in Iraq for eight years. The nearly 10 years in Afghanistan is the longest war in U.S. history.

The anniversaries of Pearl Harbor did not carry the looming threat of a repeat attack. In contrast, U.S. officials reported a “credible but unconfirmed threat” of a terrorist attack on the 10th anniversary of 9/11, which is Sunday.

For many Americans, including some Del Norters, the threat posed by international terrorists was no less a call to arms than that of World War II.

Dredging to mean less room for docks

Dredging to mean less room for docks [Daily Triplicate]
Project to remove silt from tsunami alters harbor plan

The plan for temporary docks in the Crescent City Harbor is changing as a result of upcoming dredging.

More pilings are going to be removed than expected to give way to the vessels that will be dredging in the harbor.

“We had to revisit our piling removal plan and we’re taking out more than we thought,” said Harbormaster Richard Young.

The excavator barge and dump scows need about 100 feet of space and the area between the pilings is about 80 feet, Young said.

Death notices published Sept. 10, 2011

Death notices published Sept. 10, 2011 [Daily Triplicate]

Letters to the Editor Sept. 10, 2011

Letters to the Editor Sept. 10, 2011 [Daily Triplicate]
Should taxpayer money be wasted on a special election?

As an architect, I have run a successful business for 25 years, based on precision, thoroughness, and correctness — exactly what I do for you as your elected official in city policy making.

Regarding the Waste Water Treatment Plant Proposition 218 process, four rate increases were planned. The City Council simply approved a previously scheduled rate increase.

Our city employees and police officers are among the lowest paid in the state. It’s better business sense to award a cost-of-living pay raise (2 percent) than to lose staff/officers due to underpayment.

Fluoride in our drinking water is not decided by the City Council — it must be decided by city voters.

Coastal Voices: 9/11, yesterday and today

Coastal Voices: 9/11, yesterday and today [Daily Triplicate]
Maybe it’s a sign of growing old, that quiet fear you have when the telephone rings at 3 in the morning.

You know that 2,900 of your fellow Americans and 64 of your neighbors in Morris County were murdered the day before when madmen attacked your country in peacetime. You reach for the phone with a silent prayer that the people you love are safe.

You are told that your cousin was among those killed when Flight 77 hit the Pentagon. You lie there in the dark with tears on your face and ice in the pit of your stomach, knowing that the world had spun off its axis and entered some mad red season.

Editor’s Note: What we can’t forget

Editor’s Note: What we can’t forget [Daily Triplicate]
It’s too bad that those rare moments we Americans can collectively recall can’t be pleasant ones.

Maybe someday we’ll make first contact with friendly extraterrestrials, and we’ll all remember where we were and what we were doing when we heard the word. Until then, the type of news we all remember initially learning of will probably be jarringly bad.

While the deaths of Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr. and Elvis were memorable, I believe there have been only two such nationally transcendent events in my 54 years. The first began with a playground monitor’s whistle, prematurely ending recess on a gray Oregon Friday and sending my classmates and me back to our first-grade classroom. Our teacher told us our president had been killed. We went home early to a weekend trapped inside black and white TV sets.

9/11 Del Norte remembers

9/11 Del Norte remembers [Daily Triplicate]
Shock. Quiet disbelief. A lost sense of security. Walking around in a stupor.

Many feelings and actions were shared by Del Norte County residents on Sept 11, 2001.

“Now we have to deal with terrorists,” thought sheriff’s Commander Bill Steven, who experienced more-routine terrorism during his military service in Europe.

The harsh recognition of our newfound vulnerability felt by Steven was shared with many of his neighbors.

Warrior girls soccer team looks to improve in 2011

Warrior girls soccer team looks to improve in 2011 [Daily Triplicate]
Clar Byers believes that the Del Norte High girls soccer team can turn a corner this season.

After winning a single game in 2010, Byers, in his sixth year as head coach, says that the mixture of veterans and newcomers bodes well for an improved squad.

Practices have gone well and the girls have shown a willingness to learn, as well as enjoying the sport, Byers said.

“I think there’s been improvement here,” he said. “We are learning to pass and control the ball better.”

Byers said that the team is doing a much better job moving down the field and believes that the offense will be better for it.

A mixture of old and new

A mixture of old and new [Daily Triplicate]
New coach and several newcomers: 2 top returners back

Two key veterans return to the Del Norte High girls tennis team, as the Warriors look to have another successful year on the court.

Seniors Kathryn Gustafson and Sam Bausch won the No.1 doubles title at the Humboldt-Del Norte Conference Championships last year.

The pair proceeded to win a match at the Northcoast Section Division II Doubles Championships and finished in fourth place.

The Warriors squad is being coached by Sara Miller, who was head coach of the boys team last spring and plans to coach both boys and girls tennis this year.

Wine Spectator recognizes local restaurants

Humboldt TSRestaurant 301 at the Hotel Carter in Eureka, grand award winner in Wine Spectator magazine since 1998, was among the Grand Award Winners of 2011 in the latest listing of the magazine’s World’s Greatest Restaurant Wine Lists.
Humboldt County news

VOLUNTEER VOICES: ‘Greatest generation’ has much to tell us

Humboldt TS”Oh! To be 18 again!” Myrna Finley said as she climbed back into the boat after completing a three-mile slalom ski run on Lake Shasta.
Humboldt County news

Discussions look at death

Humboldt TS”Death, Dying, and The Love of Peaches” is a series of discussion classes based on the inescapable fact that we are all going to die, and that how we live our lives and how we prepare for death is up to us.
Humboldt County news

Hoopa high’s API growth outscores other high schools

Humboldt TSIts test scores aren’t the highest in Humboldt County, but students and teachers at Hoopa Valley High School still have reason to celebrate. Out of almost every other traditional public high school in the county, Hoopa Valley High School is the
Humboldt County news

St. Vincent de Paul faces long road; repairs, expenses adding up for Old Town thrift store

Humboldt TSAt least it’s not raining. That’s about the best thing St. Vincent de Paul Executive Director Don Smullin had to say less than a week after the roof on the organization’s secondhand store in Old Town Eureka — located at Second and G streets
Humboldt County news

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