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Humboldt County is situated approximately 250 miles North of San Francisco on the Northern California coast. It includes the county seat of Eureka, as well as a number of smaller incorporated towns: Arcata, Fortuna, Ferndale, Blue Lake, Trinidad and the un-incorporated town of McKinleyville. It is also the home of Humboldt State University (HSU) and legedary home of Bigfoot. The county is mostly famous (or perhaps, infamous) for it’s occasional, violent earthquakes, ultra-liberal politics and hippie culture, bigfoot sightings (the legendary Roger Patterson video of Bigfoot was shot near Bluff Creek), towering redwood trees, it’s many cameos as the backdrop for motion pictures, tree-sitters and it’s once vibrant logging industry. However, the County is probably best known to the media and popular culture as the marijuana growing capital of the world. Although the possession and sale of marijuana is still illegal here, and in most countries of the world, it remains Humboldt County’s largest export and drives a large portion of the economy, especially in the Southern portion of the County.

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